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5 Steps to Shape Your Beard At Home (Just Like a Master Barber)

When a beard is shaped ‘just right’, there’s very little luck or voodoo magic involved.

According to Craig Evans (head barber at Murdock London), there’s a very specific set of steps to carry out to get your beard looking just right.

Proper Beard Care: 6 Steps to A Zeus Like Beard

Chances are, you will have noticed something of a recent beard boom in the last few years.

I mean if we just pop over to that nifty little Google trends tool, we can see that interest has pretty grown year on year.

10 Best Beard Gifts | Put a Smile on a Furry Face

We think you’ll agree when we say:

Trying to figure out exactly what to buy a beardsman - can be pretty tough going.

How to Straighten Your Curly Beard Right Now

Now, first off - don?t get us wrong?

? we think curly beards rock, beards that live up to their natural state?

How to Use Moustache Wax - 4 simple steps

Struggling with an unruly beard?

Or just fancy rocking a stiff styled ?stache for Movember?

Best Beard Trimmer UK 2016: Reviews of Our Favourite 4

We recently tested 20 plus beard trimmers to answer the following question:

Which is the best beard trimmer for men available in the UK to get for the everyday beardsman?

We looked at trimming performance. We looked at battery life (and how quickly they recharged). We even looked at how easy they are to wash and take care of.

Beard Products: 10 'Must Haves' for the Everyday Beardsman

Beardsmen up and down the UK will know that a fair bit of the old tender loving care is needed to have an awesome looking beard - and with that comes an array of essential quality beard products to go in their tool kits.

That?s what we are going to help you out with today, the essential beard grooming and care products needed to rock your own ?fine? looking beard.

How to Use Beard Balm, And How Does it Work?

There seems to been have some sort of a beard balm boom recently.

More and more guys are wanting to know what beard balms have to offer them and even...

7 Reasons Argan Oil is Awesome for Beards

You will have no doubt come across Argan oil before (it also gets commonly labelled and referred to as Moroccan oil as well) in some of, shall we say, more "premium" beard products already?

? and there?s a pretty simple reason for that:

What is Beard Butter, and How Does It Work?

Over the last few months, we've had more and more aspiring beardsman inquiring about beard butter and whether or not it?s a good beard product to use ?

? to basically, make their beards more awesome.


I reckon it will have been just before last Christmas since the ?The Bearded Man Company? popped up on my radar...

? ever since one of my mates was talking about buying himself one of their nifty beard oil advent calendars on the run up to Christmas.

What is Beard Tonic + What's it Do?

Since our recent and pretty extensive round-up of 37 Beard Experts giving their very best advice for beard maintenance?

... we've had a few enquiries as of late about Dr K Soap Company and his special:

?Beard Tonic? beard product.

5 Steps to "Tame" Your Wiry Beard

Growing a beard is one hell of a ?scruffy business?.

And it doesn't get any scruffier than when you decide to take your beard growing ?up a couple of notches? from a short beard.

Fix Your Patchy Beard

We?d say this has gotta be the number one problem that?s holding guys back from blossoming to full beard?

What they think is a ?patchy beard? - it often isn't.

Beard Split Ends: Preventing + Treating


You and I probably know the term more commonly as ?split ends?.

The GoateeSaver Review

I remember coming across this rather clever little beard contraption quite a while back (was in the middle of rockin' full on beard at the time) but thought it would be a pretty nifty little tool.

After recently getting hold of one, I've enjoyed using it that much, it didn't just make it into my ?awesome beard tools? collection but they will also be making a few appearances as gifts in upcoming birthdays too.

15 Little-Known Yet Brilliant Beard Benefits

If you are in the middle of deciding whether to grow out a beard or not?

Just remember this, they don?t just make you look freakin? awesome - they come with a whole range of other great benefits too:

Pricey's Beard Care Beard Balm Review

Come to think of it?

?the first time I came across Pricey?s Beard Care was actually just a couple of months back (New Year?s Eve actually, just before I went out on the razzle) and I got talking to John through the little chat feature on his site (who?d have thought ?ey, an actual human being on the other side of a chat box) and naturally we got talking beards.

Real Men's Moustache Wax: Bluebeard's Revenge Review

Real Men?s Moustache Wax: Bluebeard?s Revenge Review

I?ve gotta admit I was quite looking forward to this little moustache wax arriving through the letterbox?

'Bottled Manliness' - The Audacious Beard Company Beard Oil

I?ll be honest with you.

In truth, I think it should be my girlfriend who should be writing this.

Firehouse 'Wacky Tacky' Moustache Wax Review

I gotta admit, it wasn't until only about, the middle of last year, that I first heard about this company?

? but boy I'm glad I did, cause what an awesome beard company they are: Firehouse Moustache Wax.

'Mother In Law Proof' Moustache Wax By Captain Fawcett

I'm not afraid to say it.

I was pretty darn excited to be getting hold of this little wax, certainly after my friends have been singing its high praises for a good while now and it was about time I got in on the action.

Beard Maintenance: 37 Beard Experts Share Their Best Tips

"How do I look after my beard?"

A good question and to answer it, us guys at Beard Trimmer Bay, thought one of the best ways to go about is to ask 50+ beard experts what you really need to do to ensure you beard gets the proper maintenance and care it deserves.

'What Would I Look Like With a Beard'

So you?re thinking about growing out a beard?

However, aren?t overly sure if it is quite the right move for you?

Grizzly Adam Beard Balm Two Week Test Drive - Review

We are at it again, another week another product review for you guys.

This time, we've gone to check out an Amazon top seller, the ?Grizzly Adam? all natural beard balm.

Review: On the Go - Varsity Beard Balm

A quick review of Varsity Beard's Flagship Product, their beard balm.

Hand made in Oxford with locally sourced ingredients with each batch being tested on actual beards beforehand - what?s not to love.

21 Classic (+ Alternative) Beard Grooming Tips

Now, who doesn?t love a great looking beard?

Well fortunately - right here, right now - we?re sharing our best bunch of quality tips for personally growing our beards to reach their full potential.

Itchy Beard - 5 Ways to Stop ???Beard Itch???

Good day, bearded folks!

Here, we wanted to address a pretty common problem throughout the bearded community that can unfortunately prevent many guys from ever breaking out into that full beard.

It?s the dreaded case of the beard itch.

The Benefits of Beard Balm

If you are unsure as to exactly what a beard balm is? It is basically pomade for your beard, that is comprised as a sort of mix between beard oil (providing the functional aspects) and beard wax (offering the aesthetic and hold).

Hence, the benefits of beard balm act as a sort of intermediary.

How to Soften Your Beard

When you first set off on the path to grow a beard, at first everything is all good and well.

You seep all the benefits like upping your already rock solid manliness levels. However, give it too long without the proper due care and attention it deserves, you will start to find your beard can become riddled with split ends, becomes bone-dry resulting in it being basically ?rough as hell?.

How to Use + Apply Beard Balm

With every given beard balm they usually provide their own specific set of instructions on how to apply their specific beard balm onto your beard.

They usually recommend anywhere from daily usage to just a few times a week, unless they specify otherwise, I always think it is best to just use as and when you think your beard needs it.

What Is Beard Balm? (Plus 5 Reasons to Use It)

In the past few years, beards have come a long, long way.

And although scientists & academics seem to have predicted that we have reached “peak beard” back in 2013, also back in 2014 and you’ve guessed it 2015.

Beard Balm Vs Beard Oil - What's the Difference?

Trying to workout the difference between beard balm and beard oil - and basically which one should you get, both even?

They are very similar, but just have slightly different jobs. Get to know exactly what they are both about and which one you needp>

Beard Wax vs Beard Balm

This is an understandable question that we get quite a bit.

What exactly is the difference between beard wax and beard balm?

I mean some balms do look very similar to waxes, given they can be both made from a wax based. So on first glance, especially to a new beardsman trying to shop for his beard, can understandably become somewhat confused.

Essentially it comes down to this though.

How Often Should I Wash My Beard

Now, we get this query quite a lot through our contact page, and usually we reply back with one of those rather annoying answers that starts with: ?Well, it kind of depends?.

How to Trim the Perfect Beard Neckline

Pretty much every bearded gent knows that chicks dig a trimmed up beard.

They also know that achieving this look is by-in-large a pretty easy thing to do. Nothing can go massively wrong.

That is of course until it comes to trimming the beard neckline. At this point, it can literally be the solitary difference between them rocking a kickass beard to one that gives the sorry look of a dodgey podgey double chin.