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Keep your beard fresh, supple and clean with this collection of the highest quality and gentle beard washes & soaps from around the world, to ensure you tame & maintain a healthier, stronger and cleaner beard.

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What ‘Exactly’ is Beard Wash & Soap? And Why You Really Need it?

A beard wash and beard soap is used pretty much used exactly the way as regular ones that you use on your head hair, however the key difference is that these products are specifically designed for your beard hair. And for a short answer: yes, you do really need it (more on why below ‘in the benefits’).

They are crafted with natural and organic ingredients (free from synthetics that are featured in bog standard soaps etc.) that are designed to keep your beard from drying out and provide it with deep nourishment and of course a thorough wash.

How Does ‘Proper’ Beard Soaps and Washes Help My Beard?

You might be wondering exactly why you need a “specific” beard wash or beard soap bar and what’s the issue with a standard old regular version? Well my bearded fellow, it’s rather simple really - the difference is simply the “use” of ingredients.

See, unlike regular soaps and washes - that will dry up, causing your beard to get itchy and ultimately ruining your beard due to the synthetic ingredients (where they literally strip all your natural beardy goodness and ‘coat up’ your beard hairs prevent moisture getting in). Both will effectively clean your beard but the latter one will later cause you issues with beard itch, potential beard dandruff and just destroy the health of your beard by stripping out all the natural moisture and goodness your beard is clinging on to.

After consulting with a range of beard care experts in the industry, this seems to be the number one issue that keeps popping up, guys using just the regular old stuff for their beards thinking head hair is just the same as beard hair. Then wondering why with all the use of beard oil or balms that they are using, why their beard is still brittle and rough. It’s important to make sure you’re cleaning your beard right.

Beard specific cleansers will ensure your beard is getting thoroughly cleaned, but most importantly that some moisture is left in your beard to keep it strong. Follow these up with a beard oil and you’re golden. Plus it is great for keeping your skin nice and fresh underneath (acting as the foundation for the beard) as well.

How to Use Them the Right Way?

As said above, when it comes to usage, just use it in the shower as you would with a regular wash or soap, although a lukewarm temperature is recommended to protect your beard. Make sure you work it well into the beard to remove all the dirt and grime and then gently rinse out.

Although we recommend typically washing your beard every few days, we get that when you’ve got a manual job your beard is getting mucky pretty much daily so it’s need of a wash in which case you need to go for a particularly gentle soap or wash, fellows essential gentleman beard wash for example will work a treat.

Regardless of how often you're using a beard wash though it’s also important that you then follow up the soap or wash with a beard oil or better still an actual beard conditioner, this will help to replenish some of the lost moisture when you washed your beard. Again, these will be made up of natural ingredients to ensure your beard is getting the treatment it deserves.

What makes our selection of beard washes and soaps the best in the UK?

Like with all our products not only do we look into the specific ingredients of each product to make sure everything is natural and good for your beard (you can read the in-depth ingredient lists on the relevant product pages - and how it should benefit your beard) but we actually use the range of products, as a team of beardsmen day in and day out, to ensure that it does indeed work great on your beard.

Besides, quite frankly if it only performs ok or just wasn’t impressive, it just doesn’t make the cut to be listed on our store.