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Beard shampoos are crafted specially for use of thoroughly cleansing beard hair in a gentle manner. There’s a distinct difference between a regular shampoo and a beard shampoo - the latter won’t cause your beard to dry up, stripping it of all moisture and eventually ruining your beard. Instead, it will protect it, add moisture (not coat it up, preventing any conditioning to occur) and allow for some bearded bliss.

Do I Really Need a Beard Shampoo?

Short answer: If you want a soft, strong, good looking beard then yes.

Long Answer: The issue with standard shampoos is they typically contain a whole bunch of synthetic ingredients, which is perfectly fine for your head hair. It’s what gives the shiny, clean look but your beard hair is different, it’s coarser meaning it gets dry faster and although many guys think ‘hair is hair’, applying normal shampoo to your beard every day can mean a whole load of oncoming beard problems.

First off, it will feel incredibly dry. This later leads it to become irritable and itchy. See when you wash with non-beard shampoos, they will not only strip the dirt and grime from your beard but also all the natural moisture that your beard was holding on to as well. Not only that though, the di & tri methicones actually then ‘coat’ your beard preventing any moisture (such as from a beard oil or balm) from reaching your beard hair.

After severe dryness, of course it can lead on to beard dandruff and breakages in your beard as well as on onslaught of split ends. Beard shampoos fortunately although don’t give quite as shiny a look (although a beard oil or beard conditioner can help with that, that you use to follow up afterwards) will be much gentler on your beard, helping to not just thoroughly clean your beard but also ensure you at least retain some moisture in there too and is accessible for more to be added.

How to Shampoo My Beard?

It’s actually very similar to how you would you use basic shampoo on your head hair. Wet it with lukewarm water whist in the shower, pour some out into your hand and then gently work it into your beard thoroughly. Then once you have a good lather, give it a good rinse.

Where most beardsmen make the mistake when washing their beard is that they don’t follow it up after. They will wash their beard and get a sense that it feels dry, this is because although it is a gentle shampoo it will still clean part of the natural oils already built up in your beard (pre-shower), therefore it’s crucial that you follow it up with a conditioner that will not only replenish the lost oils but add more in to (make sure the scents match, so they don’t conflict). A beard oil will work just as well.

How Often to Wash?

We’ve gone into this in some depth before. However, the general rule of thumb goes a bit like this. If you’re in a manual job, your beard is going to get pretty mucky each and every day, so your basically looking at cleaning it daily - in which case you need to look for a particularly gentle beard shampoo and conditioner, that’s basically suitable for “everyday use” something like the Beardition and Brighton Beard Company soap bar will work a treat.

However, for the average office worker however you don’t really need to be washing your beard more than once every few days. Twice a week is more than fine. Again, though make sure you are following it up after washing your beard with a beard oil and the like to ensure you’re replenishing the oils.

Benefits for Shampooing Your Beard

You are of course cleasning the beard from grime, dirt and incurring a distinct beard pong. However, there’s more to it as well by using a proper dedicated shampoo for beards you are ensuring that you aren’t going to end up with a desert dry beard, suffering with dandruff and for it to itch like hell. Instead, you will be getting a good looking beard that also feels great too.

First, off if you are dying your beard it’s important to wash with a dedicated shampoo as this will help to preserve the colour. Using a standard shampoo however could cause uneven coloring and you could end up dying your beard every other day.

Of course there are range of scents to choose from too, so it will help to make your beard smell great and fresh, just make sure they match up with any other product scents that you plan on using. That’s why many beardsmen opt for the scentless washes and conditioners and then add some scented flavour with a beard balm or beard oil.

Which to Choose? Soap Bar or Shampoo Wash?

It mainly comes down to preference. Whether you want a scented or scentless shampoo, but we would advise you to look out for the shampoo and conditioner gift sets. See, those two products pretty much go hand in hand, that’s why we like to bundle them up such as with the Beardsley shampoo, Scotch Porter, Beardition and so on, not only is it more convenient for you but you will find it just works out ‘value wise’ too.

Of course there’s also the option of soap bars too basically just the solid state version of a shampoo, this is literally just about preference. They are decent for most beard types, but for those the longer beards you will have to get some lather on before you apply to your beard. They tend to be a little more abrasive than the typical liquid form, so are more suitable for those who only plan on washing their beard once every few days as opposed to daily.