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Whether you’re brand new to growing a beard and are looking to pick up an essential care set or you are master beardsman closing in or surpassing a yeard -looking for the ultimate beard grooming kit, we should have you covered. They also make for pretty darn right special presents for either to yourself or a beardsman close to you too.

What Makes a Good Beard Grooming Kit?

You will see from the various ranges of beard care sets and oil kits, that the collections will cater around specific aspects of beard care (whether it be for washing or oiling your beard) as well as general sets that encompass an entire grooming routine. It basically depends what you are after, but they obviously do represent a certain saving value rather than buying them individually and a group of products that you will know compliment each together.

What Makes this range the ‘best’ Beard collections?

If you’re wondering where to buy a quality beard grooming kit? Then, you’ve definitely come to the right place. First off, we make sure to have a variety in store from the core basic beard care kit to get the essentials to the ultimate vintage and best grooming sets you can think of. Each product page list will have a product breakdown (where we’ve tested everyone) as to exactly what comes with each, how it improves your beard game and why you and your good beard need it.

Not only do we try to offer pretty much the most extensive range and ‘own’ bundles of beard product collections in the UK we watch out for the details too, making sure there is great value to be had when you pick up a kit. We also make sure they look, good we’re keen on the details (testing whether the boxes look good, do they have magnetic lids). Plus, we like to let you know how much you have saved overall.

We are genuinely excited to be able to offer you such a great range of beard maintenance kits, we’ll continue to extensively expand the range - and hopefully you should find exactly what you are looking for .

Which is the Best for Me & My Beard?

It depends where you are with your beard and what beard supplies you are need of. If you’re completely new to the world of bearding then, a good ‘essentials’ kit made up of a beard oil, wash and comb will see you right. You’re getting the conditioning and moisturising impact with your oil, taming it up with your comb and washing it just how a beard ought to be washed. Percy Nobleman’s grooming kit in this regard will set you well on the way.

If you’re after something more substantial and what to take your beard to awesome heights and be all it can be. Then you will want to be looking towards Beardbrand’s Ultimate grooming kit and their wash collection too or Scotch Porter’s deluxe offering. Where you are supplied with beard oil, balm, conditioner, wash, combs and brushes as well as scissors for when it comes to trimming and neatening up the beard. With the more premium sets you tend to get rather neat little wooden boxes too, that you can use it house all your beard supplies in.

Starting Out? Explaining Each Beard Product

A lot of facial fellows who are just starting out growing a beard (and even some of the more experienced beardsman) aren’t fully sure as to what they can do to take care of their marvellous man mane, and exactly how they are helping their beard along and the benefits they pose for them.

Beard Oil: If you aren’t already carrying a beard oil in your beard grooming arsenal, then you need to be thinking about getting one pronto.

This will give you some hold and styling capability of your beard, so you can rope in flyaway beard hairs and compact to make for a fuller and thicker looking beard. You will tend to find the primarily wax based balms are firmer when in their pot whereas one made with butters primarily offer a softer more creamy type consistency.

Beard Balm: It’s, similar to a beard oil in the sense that it will condition your beard and they are often scented too. However, they are often come with pomade type base infused with beeswax and butters such as shea and cocoa.

This will give you some hold and styling capability of your beard, so you can rope in flyaway beard hairs and compact to make for a fuller and thicker looking beard. You will tend to find the primarily wax based balms are firmer when in their pot whereas one made with butters primarily offer a softer more creamy type consistency.

Beard Wax: A dedicated beard wax is basically a styling product, you will find that some are scented and offer perhaps “some” conditioning ingredients, it won’t be enough to take care of your beard (like a beard oil or balm will do), that said you get a lot more hold and longer durability than most beard balms will offer you. These are ideal for those going for a funky style or just have particularly unruly beards that need to be tamed. You would usually work in a wax with a beard after you’ve applied a beard balm or a beard oil.

Moustache Wax: Again very similar to a beard wax, however as a lot of guys like to style their ‘stache, going for either a imperial or handlebar and so on the whole they tend to offer an even stronger hold than a beard wax will. You’ll find a lot of waxes work for both though, and you should judge by the strength as to which one is appropriate for you.

Beard Combs: If you haven’t yet got a beard comb, once you get one, you will wonder how you lived without it. Investing in a high quality beard comb will help ease through general beard grooming and won’t snag and tag like a cheap nasty one can. Opt for a wide tooth beard comb and comb your beard in short lengths. Your beard will look more organized and thicker as you detangle your beard. They also great for running through after you’ve applied a beard oil to help nicely distribute it throughout your beard.

Beard Brushes: Whether you choose a brush or comb it basically just comes down to preference, and what you will find is most beardsman have one of each. A beard brush, in particular a boar bristle brush works great again for general beard maintenance and tend to work better with a beard balm than a beard oil. What’s great about a beard brush as well is it helps with natural exfoliation for the dead skin under your beard to release beard dandruff too.

Beard Wash: Your beard hair isn’t the same as your head hair, so you can’t treat them same. That’s why it’s important to use a dedicated beard wash or soap as opposed to a regular soap or shampoo, as the latter will strip your beard of all the natural “beardy goodness” it’s clinging on to and will coat your beard from getting any additional moisture. In turn drying your beard out and turning it brittle. You’ve got to be a little careful though, there are a lot of crossovers from varying beard company as to exactly what they call a wash, shampoo or a beard conditioner. The important thing though is to watch out for the ingredients, as some beard product manufacturers make beard washes with sulphates and synthetics ingredients, which basically have no place for being in your beard. That’s why we only stock ones with natural ingredients.

Beard Shampoo: Very much like a beard wash but is primarily only concerned with cleaning your beard and making sure not to strip all the natural oils along with it (or limit the way it does so), hence it is important after you’ve applied beard shampoo to then rinse it out and apply a conditioner or beard oil. Most guys, especially those working behind computer desks don’t need to wash their beard daily (unless it is generally getting dirty, as with a labourer’s job and such).

Beard Conditioner: Also known as beard moisturisers and softeners, beard conditioners are basically just like a “hair conditioner” but for… as you guessed it, beards. They will reinvigorate your beard with the natural oils that your beard lost through washing and will make your beard softer, smell great and look healthy and clean too. You won’t need to apply a beard oil or beard balm afterwards either.