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Looking for something to get yourself or something for a special beardsman in your life? You’re bound to find something in this huge selection of beard gift ideas, from unique scented beard oils to full on grooming kits to take care of his beard - we should certainly have you covered. You’ll see we have the more unique beard presents covered too, with t shirts, beard mugs, combs, wash bags, designed wallets, beard bibs and more.

Beardsmen Present Buying Guide: What gift to choose for men with beards? 6 Great Ideas.

Trying to figure out exactly what to buy a beardsman - can be pretty tough going. Especially, for those who don’t really have a clue what a beardsman really wants and exactly what the difference is between all the products on offer.

That’s why we’ve wrapped our heads and also asked a bunch of beardsmen - “what’s the best beard gift you’d love to get your hands on?”

Quite frankly, we got some rather amusing, funny and also some darn right awesome answers.

And, today now we are going to show you ten of the finest gift ideas to get a bearded man - perfect for an upcoming birthday, a round the corner father’s day or for a last minute christmas present that will be sure to put a big smile on his furry face.

1. Beard Oil

If all else fails and you are a bit unsure as to what to get him, you can’t go wrong with a lovely scented beard oil. If you want something that’s going to make him smell all manly, then the Woodsman Beard Oil by the Bearded Bastard will go down a blooming treat.

Can’t decide what scent beard oil to grab him? Then why not treat him a trio of three gorgeous smelling beard oils. A lot of beardsmen like different scents for different times of the day, so a collection might go down quite nicely of a smaller set of scents such as the mariner jack set.

This Groombridge beard oil set contains The Brighton Beard Company’s most sort after scents: the mandarin, juniper and cedarwood - the black pepper & grapefruit and of course the ylang ylang & sandalwood - three awesome beard oils in their own right.

All of which are crafted by hand and make use of locally sourced ingredients to ensure his beard is kept healthy and skin is prevented from irritation.

Beard Apparel

There’s nothing a bearded man appreciates more than, having a t-shirt that tells the world that he is proud of his manly and god damn awesome beard.

Whether you go for the outright funny (something along the lines of a beard measuring length t shirt or “fear the beard”) or perhaps something a bit more tasteful us up to the beardsmen - either way though, he is always going to appreciate something that tells the world, he’s a proper beard owner.

Put a Smile on His Furry Face with a “Comb Wallet”

We’re excited about this one and after taking a look at the pretty fine No.9 beard comb - now seems like an entirely appropriate time to introduce the next beard gift idea…

… this rather lovely leather beard comb wallet.

Pretty much the ideal wallet for any beardsman. Again not only is it entirely practical, where you can keep your cash and cards - along with a rather convenient little slot for a trust beard comb to keep to hand (specifically crafted for the No.5 beard comb).

It’s also just a rather gorgeous minimalist looking wallet. Handmade with a premium quality leather that’s been treated with various finishes (coated to be water resistant) and is stitched with a rare tiger thread that’s undergone saddle stitching to ensure it lasts. This little minimalist wallet will have any beardsman the thing of envy.

A Beard Wash Set

He might be washing his beard all wrong? Help him out and Pick him up a dedicated beard shampoo & dedicated beard conditioner - and his beard will feel cleaner and softer than ever. See a regular shampoo, isn’t really doing his beard any good (beard hair doesn’t operate the same way as head hair), causing it to become dry and itchy.

This little pair from beardition as opposed to being made from synthetic and plastic ingredients is made entirely from natural products, ensuring his beard is getting A+ treatment when being washed.

The Scotch Porter Beard Wash, will provide that deep clean to remove the dirt and grime that’s built up - then just like you would use a standard conditioner, the beard conditioner will act replace the lost oils as well as soften up the hair. Save by getting the duo pack.

‘Special’ Beard Mugs

A proper beard mug will give a beardsmen that subtle reminder that you’re a boss and that is a prime day for kicking ass. The only trouble he will have is that people be asking to borrow it left, right and centre.

Grooming Kit

If you want to really treat that special beardsman in your life, then really you don’t need to look any further a beard maintenance set or if you really want to give him the special treatment, then look no further than the complete beard grooming kit from Beardbrand.

It takes care of every bearded need.

Featured in a classic wood box that takes care of the little details - you get a large beard comb, a pocket comb, moustache comb, a hair hair bristle brush, stainless steel semi-professional grade scissors, moustache wax and beardbrand beard oil.

The quality is in the detail, a full urban beardsman package.

If you have any other great beard gift ideas to add to the list, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know (we’ll probably end up adding it).