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Beard conditioners also comes under various names such as moisturiser and softener is basically the beard equivalent of hair conditioners, but is perhaps the most underrated beard product going. It’s primarily designed specifically for beards helping to replenish the lost oils through daily activity and especially after a wash (for the best results use with a matching beard wash or shampoo).

What is Beard Conditioner, Softener and Moisturiser?

Beard conditioners which also comes under names such as softener and moisturiser is basically the beard equivalent of hair conditioner. Of course the major difference is, is that these moisturisers have been made “just for beards”.

They are used primarily just after washing your beard to help buffer up the lost oils but they can also be used on their own too if you are feeling your beard needs a bit of a pick up. Usually they are scented so make sure that you are matching it with the wash if you plan on using it afterwards, so not to have conflicting scents - of course what is quite popular now is to have a scentless wash and conditioner, then with a beard oil or balm to give your beard the extra edge scent wise.

The Benefits of Beard Softener

How beard moisturiser works is basically acts to infuse your beard with a range of natural moisturisers to help restore the lost oils after a wash. What this of course does is result in a clean beard that will get thoroughly hydrated, that makes sure the beard ends up shiny, strong and super soft too. Making for an all round healthier and better looking beard.

Do I Really Need It?

At the beardsmen we actually believe it is one of the most under rated products going, yes you can get away with giving your a touch of beard oil once you’ve given it a wash - and you will have a mighty fine beard. That said, if you haven’t given a conditioner, softener or moisturiser that’s dedicated for beard at least once, then you’re missing out because their primary job is built around ensuring your beard is heavenly soft to touch and feel. And boy do they work a treat.

What Makes this range so good?

Like with all our range of beard products, we ensure that they are made with top of the range ingredients, however with our beard conditioners and the like we pay extra close attention - that’s why we go into depth on every product page about what each and every ingredient does for your beard - so you know that what you’re getting is only the “good stuff”.

All are natural, practically all organic are free from silicone (to prevent build up) and are synthetic free too and we’ve ensured they’ve been pretty much built from the ground up to invigorate your beard.

How To Condition, Soften & Moisturise Your Beard?

It’s basically a case of after you’ve washed your beard with either a beard shampoo, soap or dedicated beard wash (and have rinsed it out) - you would then apply the conditioner in. It’s great because it prevents your beard from becoming overly dry, coarse and rough - it does this by replenishing all the natural oils that your beard has just lost through the beard shampoo.

If don’t use a proper beard shampoo or wash, then the softener won’t be “as” effective, because regular shampoo coats your beard hair in methiclones, coating it in like a plastic coating.

Which is great for making it look shiny and clean but it also prevents any moisture from getting to your beard and in the long ruins the feel, look and causes general havoc for your beard. Afterwards, I’d recommend just give it a good brush down with a decent beard brush as well as some beard oil - this will help you to get some shape.

With regards to how often you condition your beard, I’d just follow it up with at least every time you wash or shampoo your beard which is going to be at least once or twice a week. However, there is nothing wrong with conditioning or using a moisturiser on your beard daily if need be either, particularly if your beard is prone to drying or if it’s particularly hot. Using a moisturiser will ensure your beard is properly infused moisture.

Choosing Which to Go For?

We do recommend you can keep an eye out for the scents to ensure they match, the last thing you want to do is be washing your beard with a woodsy type scented beard shampoo and then applying a conditioning type with citrus. The scents will clash and you just won’t smell great.

Top tip: buy a blank unscented softener, so you won’t clash and you can keep things simple and so you can experiment using different scent oils and you won’t need the wash and conditioner (in that specific scent each time to go with it.)