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Owning and caring for your beard requires a bit of good old fashioned loving tender care and the first step to taming that wild man mane is to give it a good combing one a day with a quality beard comb.

Why You Need a Beard Comb

Beard Comb the Roots of Proper Beard Care: With the rise of the urban beardsman, who wants to keep their beard clean and groomed, to help tame your beard you will either need a proper beard brush or a handy comb. Which one you choose generally comes down to preference, but a comb can generally offer you a sleek finishing and offers a better handle on beard maintenance - but in fairness most beardsmen keep both.

You will see they come with an assortment of different teeth, wide tooth to help clear out the tangles, knots and mess - you will then get the finer teeth for the styling and detail, generally for use on a moustache or the shorter beard.

How a Comb is Beneficial for Your Beard

Although beard care products like oil, balms and washes will take your beard so far, a quality beard comb will help with the finishing touches. It will help your beard to not only look better and neater, but it will also help to come across as being fuller and denser too as it separates the hairs from being clumped together.

It will also help to distribute not just beard product evenly throughout your beard but the natural oils your face produces too, sebum, which encourage healthier future beard growth whilst keeping the current beard hairs strong and less likely to incur frizzing and breakages.

How to Comb Your Beard (Properly)

Although it does seem rather intuitive, for those first time beard growers (thumbs up by the way) it’s not as straightforward as it seems, at least to do it properly anyway. Firstly, make sure you are getting an actual good quality comb, not a cheap plastic one that will cause more problems than it solves, and it needs to have wide teeth on (for the thicker parts) and preferably have an option with fine teeth too (for detailing and moustache).

The general motion you will want to go with each day, is by holding your comb facing up and then combing it away from your beard in shorter segments. If you feel resistance, don’t strain through it just perform a shorter stroke. Generally starting from within the neckline and then upwards towards your chin. You want to by trying to remove the clump of beard hairs, separating them and puffing it out. Once you do hit a snag, just gently slip away, you don’t want to end up damaging your beard.

Be careful not to over comb your beard though. Once or twice a day is more than enough, problems can occur with over combing where you can actually end up weakening your beard hairs, where there won’t be any immediate impact but chances are they are now more prone to breakages. Just after you have washed your beard and then perhaps applied a bit of beard oil or beard balm, and then gently comb through your beard and you’re golden.

Which Beard Comb to Choose?

As with most things, beard combs are certainly not all made equal. You will see from the range above there are a few varying aspects to consider amongst the different combs. With regards to the material, some prefer a traditional wooden comb (that performs essentially as an antistatic, which is our preferred option) to a metal comb - you will find all though are built a superior quality that are designed to last.

Other aspects to consider are size and design (mainly determined by the size, density of your beard), whether you want a handy pocket comb that you can carry around in your back pocket whilst you’re out on the go or you’re after something a bit more substantial for a full on beard. Either way we will have just what you are looking for here.

Beard Comb Maintenance

If you opt for a quality plastic comb then, really it is just about keeping it clean and washing it once in awhile with the buildup of residue, the same goes for a metal beard comb too.

With natural combs that are made of wood, the same thing applies but don’t run it under a tap as it can lead to warping, give it just a decent wipe down. You might also notice as you use it over a certain length of time it starts to get darker (as with the Percy Nobleman comb or the Big Red Combs), which is because it’s started to absorb a bit of moisture. To keep it in good condition just leave out in the sun to dry for a good 20 minutes or so (don’t leave it for much longer than that to ensure the comb is kept in good conditioning), that should dry it out thoroughly to relieve it of the moisture build up.