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It’s understated just how good a beard brush actually is for your beard. It can help to stimulate beard growth, give the look of a thicker better looking beard, acts to polish your beard, helps distribute natural and additional beard oils evenly through your beard - and can turn it from a scruffy man bush to an elegant, classy looking beard. An oil or beard balm alone, will take you so far, a beard brush gives your beard the final touch.

What Makes a Beard Brushes Awesome For Your Beard?

What makes quality beard brushes so good (in particular boar bristle brushes and horsehair), is that it actually works in a sort of “polishing” action by working to smooth over the beard cuticles. In all, this in turn helps to tame your beard, keeping back the knots, tangles and general frizz that occurs. It also actually works rather well to remove a lot of your dead skin cells too, acting like an exfoliator to give you fresher looking skin.

Of course, another major benefit of using a beard brush regularly (once a day is fine) is that it will actually work to stimulate your beard hair follicles whilst it evenly distributes a beard oil or balm right throughout the beard. Essentially, it keeps your beard looking good and attractive.

Plus, it gives the look of a generally thicker beard, you will be able to tell the difference between a beard that has been brushed and one that hasn’t. See it works to separate the beard hairs, rather than clumping together, giving the look of a fuller, deeper beard. In all, it makes your beard like it actually gets taken care of and generally a lot neater and heavenly soft, you will be constantly wanting to run your fingers through it.

How to Brush Your Beard

The ideal time is just after you have applied some beard oil to your beard and you’ve just taken a shower so it’s slightly damp. Then gently use the brush to brush your beard flowing in the same direction as the hairs, pretty straight forward. Some beardsman like to apply beard oil directly to the brush first and then use that to work it into your beard - it basically just comes down to preference really.

Like with combing your beard, you don’t want to over do it. Once or twice a day is completely fine, but if you go overboard you run the risk of actually doing more harm for your beard than good as you are causing

Taking Care of Your Beard Brush

With the buildup of residue and dirt from your skin, you’re going to want to clean your brush once every week or so. To help preserve your brush don’t clean it under a running cold tap otherwise it will be prone to warping if it is wooden, instead just try to clean out either with another brush or a comb. Then gently soak it into a bowl of water mixed in with shampoo and give just the brushes a good swirl around, don’t let the wooden handle get wet though.

Which Beard Brush to Choose?

Generally most brushes suit all, but we always recommend getting a quality brush with boar bristle hairs or horse hairs or along those lines. If you do have a thinner type beard that generally gets less tangled and usually keeps a pretty neat shape anyway, opting for a brush with softer bristles will be a good bet to prevent too much exertion on the beard, potentially weakening it.

If you’re beard is on the thicker side and is quite robust anyway but gets tangled a fair bit, you will be after a brush that has the firmer and stronger bristles - this will help you get a better grip and maintain bearded bliss. It will also help you to shape and get more control, preventing beard curls.

Beard Brush or Comb?

It’s largely a case of preference, but one or the other should be considered a necessity in any beardman’s grooming kit. Some beardsmen feel they can get a better handle of their beard in certain situations with a comb whereas others like the way a brush will help neaten up their beard. Many however, opt for both and you will get a certain preference for when you want one over the other.